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Murder Defense Attorney in Commack, New York

Under New York State law, murder-killing another person unlawfully or intentionally, and without any valid reason-is a serious crime that attracts harsh punishment. An alleged offender convicted of murder could be facing devastating penalties, including life without the possibility of parole, substantial fines, a permanent criminal record, and other life-changing consequences. If you are under investigation for murder, retaining an aggressive and highly skilled New York State criminal defense attorney is crucial.

At the Law Offices of Douglas M. Reda, I have the experience and resources to fight for and defend clients facing murder charges. As your legal counsel, I will evaluate and investigate all the surrounding facts of your unique situation and craft an effective defense strategy to maximize your chances of the best possible outcome for your case. I will fight vigorously on your behalf to defend your rights and ensure that you receive fair treatment.

My firm-Law Offices of Douglas M. Reda-proudly serves clients in Commack, Woodbury, and throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties, as well as Central Islip, New York.

Murder Charges in New York

Murder involves the intentional and unlawful killing of another person without any legal justification. Under New York law, the crime of murder may be categorized into first-degree murder, second-degree murder, or aggravated murder, depending on the surrounding circumstances. Most murder cases in New York State often include the defendant's "intent to cause the death of another person."


Criminal intent can be described as the determination of a person to perform a particular act or commit a crime. Such a criminal intent must be formed before committing the act. For instance, in a murder case, pointing the gun at someone may be considered a criminal intent to commit murder.

However, not every case is clear-cut. A skilled attorney can review the unique facts of your case and strive to build a strong legal defense.

Possible Penalties

In New York State, the potential penalties for murder depend on the underlying circumstances that surround the victim's killing. If convicted of murder, the possible penalties correspond with the kind of murder charges you face. For instance, if you are charged with murder in the second degree, you may face life in prison with a chance at parole after a certain minimum of time served. If you are charged with aggravated murder, on the other hand, parole is typically not an option. It's life in prison.

A fierce criminal justice lawyer can evaluate the surrounding circumstances of your case and craft an effective defense strategy.

Possible Defenses

When facing a murder accusation in New York State, your attorney can fight your charges using any of the following defenses:

Accident or Misfortune

If the killing was committed by accident or out of misfortune, it may not constitute murder. Showing that the killing was accidental may result in liability for involuntary or voluntary manslaughter. In some cases, it may allow the defendant to be acquitted altogether.

Heat of Passion

The heat of passion is an intensely mental state induced by a type of provocation combined with fear, anger, rage, or terror, which would cause a reasonable person in the passion to lose self-control and act on impulse and without reflection.

Defense of Habitation, Property, or Person

Defense of habitation, property, or person may be acceptable in a murder case if the offender can prove that the trespasser or victim threatened the property owner or another person. Defense of person or property will be considered valid against murder charges provided that you acted reasonably under the circumstance.

Defense of a Person in Imminent Danger

Defense of a person in imminent danger may be a valid defense against murder charges if you committed the killing while trying to protect a person you believed was in imminent danger of serious bodily harm or death.

Committed in Attempt to Uphold the Law

A person who kills another person while lawfully trying to uphold the law, preserve peace, suppress a riot, or prevent a crime, may have a valid defense against the murder charges.

A knowledgeable attorney can review every aspect of your case and determine the best defense for your personal situation.

How Legal Counsel Can Help

Being convicted of murder can jeopardize your quality of life, social reputation, professional opportunities, and more. Unfortunately, defending your murder accusations without experienced representation can easily increase your risks of getting convicted and receiving the maximum penalties. When facing murder charges, it is vital that you retain an attorney.

At the Law Offices of Douglas M. Reda, I'm dedicated to offering comprehensive guidance and reliable representation to individuals who have been accused of murder. As your criminal justice lawyer, I can review every aspect of your case, conduct an in-depth, private investigation, and outline a strong defense strategy to help fight your charges. Backed by decades of experience, I will help you navigate the New York criminal justice system. No one deserves to navigate it on their own.

Murder Defense Attorney Serving Commack & Woodbury, New York

If you are facing murder charges, don't face them alone. Contact my firm-Law Offices of Douglas M. Reda-today for a simple case assessment. I can offer you the knowledgeable counsel, reliable advocacy, and vigorous representation you need to fight your murder allegations. My firm proudly represents clients in Commack, Woodbury, New York, and throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties, as well as Central Islip.